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Support made easy through virtual care

Keeping your mental health on track.

Valion Health’s Mental Health Support Programs connect the dots to keep you strong, resilient and on track.

They will increase your confidence and motivation, identify and build on supportive behaviours that benefit your mental and physical health, increase understanding of your health, develop proactive strategies and importantly teach you how to implement these day-to-day.

Our expert team of health professionals will work closely to develop your individual support plan in partnership with your current care team including psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs and carers.

Introducing our Mental Health Support Programs

Learn a little more about this service and how it works.

We bring human connection to virtual care

The Valion Health Experience

Hear how other people have found virtual care

Emma, Qld

Chronic fatigue and depression

“I have a new perspective on life. Incredibly grateful to have you guys listen to me and provide advice. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t had that.”

Jane, QLD

Managing Pain

“My health coach was extremely helpful and provided me with new tools to use moving forward. My care coordinator went above & beyond to keep in regular contact with me.”

Steven, TAS

Dealing with Loss

“I am sure that this has helped my recovery through a very unfamiliar medical journey”

Margo, NSW

Overcoming Trauma

“I’m happy my insurer is part of a program like this, which I felt was genuinely beneficial to me”

Will, VIC

Managing Anxiety

“The people I have dealt with have been so understanding and great”

Warwick, NSW

Recovering from Depression

“The program brought consistency and genuine care by my nursing care coordinator and my health coach”

Is Valion Mental Health support right for me?

Our services are for people who:
  • require support reach their health and wellbeing goals
  • desire a better understanding of their mental and physical health
  • need help and support to navigate their care
  • want increased confidence to be proactive rather than reactive
  • You may have had a hospital admission
  • You may have a chronic health condition

Our Mental Health Support Programs – Explained

Mental Health Coaching is a collaborative partnership between you and a trained mental health professional that helps you develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to build positive thinking and behaviours. Valion Health’s Mental Health Coaching is a phone and video- call based support program offering participants high quality, personalised mental health care and support from the convenience of your own home.

Through our programs you have access to regular support from a mental health coach and nurse, with additional support available from our exercise and nutrition team members.

All of our mental health coaches are qualified psychologists who have done additional training in health coaching. If you have a current treatment team, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist and/or GP we work to complement this care, not replace.

The  Connect program is 8 weeks long, our Renew program typically goes for around 16 weeks. Coaching sessions usually go for 30-45 minutes.

When you join the program your own care team will come together and work with you on a personalised plan that suits your needs, based on your background, circumstances and goals.

No, Valion Health make it easy for everyone. As part of your introduction to the program we discuss how you would like to access the program, and how confident you are using technology.

One click from your booking link and you’re in our video room! If you prefer a phone call, we are at your fingertips. We are there with you every step of the way to set you up for success.

The Mental Health Coaching Program will help you to:

  • increase your confidence and motivation
  • identify and build on supportive behaviours that benefit your mental health
  • increase your knowledge and understanding ,
  • how to develop proactive strategies and importantly how to implement these day to day

What’s Included?

A Valion Health care plan may include

Nursing Care Coordination

A qualified Nursing Care Coordinator is on hand for your initial assessment and to set you up with everything to get started. Your nurse will continue to support you throughout the program.

Health Coaching Consultations

We coordinate regular video calls or telephone coaching sessions between you and your coach throughout your program. The Valion Health team are all experienced health professionals.

Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Support

If a part of your plan of care, our exercise physiologists or dietitian will work with you on personalised plans.

Educational Modules and Content

We regularly send you a range of tailored educational resources aligned to the areas that are important to you.

Care Navigation

We connect you with appropriate local services, provide support to your carers, and assist in coordinating your care.

Where to now?

We arrange a post program follow-up ‘where to now?’ session to celebrate how far you’ve come and to map out the coming months ahead.

An Expert Team

Meet some of the health professionals who provide support through Valion Mental Health programs

"Remote monitoring allows me to work with participants to track and monitor their health from anywhere"
Bek, Care Coordinator A caring professional A registered nurse, Bek loves the flexibility of virtual care and making a real difference
"Yoga can be a powerful tool in mental health support and recovery"
Liz, Yoga Therapist Mindful, accessible yoga As an expert yoga therapist, Liz works with our team to run classes which are individualised for every level
"Working as part of a multidisciplinary team has so many benefits"
Jeremy, Mental Health Coach Expert coaching support A psychologist, Jeremy works with participants on collaborative, solution focused coaching

Am I eligible for this service?

Contact us or speak with your insurer

Crisis Support

If you are in an emergency, or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000


13 11 14

Suicide Call Back Service

1300 659 467