Tailored Virtual
Healthcare Solutions

For you and your customers

End-to-End Expertise

Our virtual health solutions focus on coordinated, multidisciplinary support and recovery programs from referral to recovery.


A simple and streamlined process for referrers

Care Planning

Individualised assessment and personalised care plans


Outcome tracking, analytics and progress reporting


Navigation and coordination towards ongoing care

Who we work with

Valion Health is trusted by leading Australian funders and partners

CBHS Health Fund
ICON Cancer Centres
Teachers Health
Nurses Midwives Health
Uni Health

Learn about some Valion Health participant experiences.

Participant Case Studies

Our approach to virtual care

Valion Health’s human-led virtual care solution connects the dots for participants to better manage their conditions through an integrated approach

We deliver person-centric, team based, virtual healthcare services

We bring together a dedicated team of nursing and allied health experts for each and every participant. Our team co-designs individualised, human centred care pathways.

Our Core Key Pathways


Multidisciplinary virtual support services for people with a cancer diagnosis

Mental Health

Stepped care pathways for participants requiring mental health support.

Tailored care for you and your customers

We tailor solutions for both your participants and for your business.
Because we know personalisation matters.

Private Health Insurers

Learn how we’re helping private health insurers deliver an improved member experience, through best practice cancer support and mental health recovery services.

Accelerated results for Private Health Insurers

Take advantage of an ACHS accredited, flexible health support service that reduces your claim costs, gets members back on their feet faster and puts you at the  forefront of the digital health revolution. All this while streamlining.

Deliverables built for Private Health Insurers

Accredited Service

We are ACHS accredited under EQuIP6 ensuring good governance, risk management and a focus on continuous improvement

Flexible Care Plans

We pride ourselves on the adaptability of our care planning and program delivery to optimise customer experience and outcomes

Centralised Care Coordination

Following referral, customers have an experienced nursing care coordinator to provide assistance and navigation throughout their program

Health Outcome Focused

We streamline collection of patient reported outcomes and use real time data insights to deliver best practice virtual care

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Life Insurers

See how we boost customer engagement and produce outcomes for life insurers as an experienced occupational rehabilitation team. This service has won multiple awards in partnership with leading Life Insurers.

Improved return to work outcomes for life insurers

This powerful mix of the right team with the right tools – all tailored for each individual customer – has proven tremendously effective in achieving high program completion rates and goal attainment

Improving Access to Quality Care for Life Insurers

Early Intervention

We work with insurers to deliver health support interventions at the optimal time, improving long term outcomes

Individualised Recovery Pathways

Every customer is assessed by one of our experienced nursing team, and a plan of care is agreed on moving forward

No Travel Costs

A virtual health clinic eliminates the need for provider travel, reducing costs while increasing accessibility

RTW Outcomes

Our focus on pre-vocational recovery assistance and navigation leads to improved health outcomes and improved engagement

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We work with healthcare organisations and life sciences teams to deliver best in class patient optimisation plans anywhere, enabled by virtual care.

An experienced supportive care solution for healthcare providers

Our team works hand in hand with hospitals, health professionals and other healthcare providers to ensure patients and carers have access to a comprehensive multidisciplinary nursing and allied health service, no matter where they live.

A Game Changer for Healthcare

Access an Expert Team

The right provider, anywhere, at the right time. Our health professional team are experts in what they do

Streamlined Referrals

We make referral and patient onboarding easy to improve care delivery and experience

Improve Access to Quality Care

With a virtual clinic you have a turn key allied health and nursing support service at your fingertips anywhere with an internet connection

Care Navigation

We work with participants to connect them with best practice resources, and engage their community and care teams

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How Valion Health is optimising service provision for its customers

“The responsiveness to our members needs is a key benefit to the Valion Health service.  There is a high capacity to connect providers specialising in a member’s condition. This results in our members receiving individualised care.”


“Valion Health have highly skilled staff with a genuine passion for caring for those struggling with cancer.”


Meet the Valion Health team

As a human centric health care business, people are at the heart of everything we do.

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