Cancer Support
for Life Program

Award Winning Cancer Rehabilitation Program for Life Insurance Customers

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Support to return to life and work

Cancer and its treatment can have short and longer term side effects that can impact your quality of life and your ability to return to work.

That’s why Valion Health has partnered with leading Life Insurers to develop the Cancer Support for Life Program. By joining the program you’ll have the support, confidence and ability you need to get back to life and work.

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Introducing our Cancer Support Programs

Learn more about this service and how it works by watching our introduction video.

Am I eligible for this program?

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Am I Eligible?

Valion Health’s Cancer Programs support people to live well with cancer

The Cancer Support for Life Participant Experience

Hear how the program has helped others to live well with cancer and to return to life and work.

Anne’s Story

‘I found I had so much more confidence’

Anne, a 36 year old teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer. Anne notified her insurer who recommended the Valion Health program as she was worried about her diagnosis and her treatment was causing her fatigue, loss of strength and poor sleep. With Valion Health Anne participated in nursing education, took part in regular exercise physiology sessions, consulted with one of our dietitians and joined one of our online yoga classes. Following the program Anne reported she was able to ride her bicycle and play her violin again, and start a graded return to work plan.

Rachel’s Story

‘The video calls enabled people to participate in the program in the comfort of their homes and not be stressed about arranging transport.’

Rachel was referred to our Cancer Support Program during her treatment for ovarian cancer. With a goal of returning to work, Rachel completed regular video calls with one of our expert Dietitians, Psychologists and Exercise Physiologists, with regular contact with her nursing care Coordinator. At the end of the program, Rachel had increased her exercise levels and improved her confidence in managing her health. She described feeling empowered and excited for the future, and met her return to work goal.

Is the Cancer Support for Life program right for me?

Cancer Support for Life is a 12 week program for people who have been referred by their Life Insurer, have had a cancer diagnosis and who require:
  • support to meet their vocational goals
  • multidisciplinary support in recovery areas such as exercise, nutrition & mental health
  • a better understanding of their cancer their treatment
  • help navigating their care, and
  • a flexible, convenient approach using virtual tools

Cancer Support for Life – Explained

Award winning support and recovery services

Valion Health’s Cancer Support for Life is a virtual care program. After referral from your Life Insurer your own care team will come together and work with you on a plan that suits your needs.

We connect with you using video call, phone and other tools to provide you with personalised cancer recovery support from the convenience of your own home.

This program runs for 12 weeks. We work with you to schedule appointments in a way that best supports you.

No. Valion Health makes digital health easy for even the least technically savvy. We’ll set you up with everything you need to get started, and if anything goes wrong we’re just an email or call away.

Over the program you’ll have an expert team support you and help you build strength, reduce fatigue and increase your ability to do day to day, and work related activities. You’ll receive virtual exercise coaching, nutritional coaching and cognitive coaching support and educational resources to assist your recovery. We’ll tailor the program to focus on your needs and vocational goals, with a focus on you returning to life and work.

What’s Included?

A Cancer Support for Life Care Plan May Include Some or All of the Following Elements

Nursing Education and Coordination

One of our expert oncology Nursing Care Coordinators will work with you on a personalised care plan, provide education that is individualised to your needs. coordinate services between you and your Life Insurer and other parties, and assist with appointments.

Exercise Physiology Coaching

Our Exercise Physiologists will work with your to develop an individualised conditioning program. Exercise during and after cancer treatment is safe, and proven to increase your strength, endurance and fatigue levels.  Sessions are via video call or phone.

Oncology Dietitian Assessments

An optimal diet is crucial for supporting your immune system, maintaining strength and function and boosting energy through and after treatment. Assessment and coaching sessions are via video call or telephone.

Cognitive Coaching Sessions

Our expert psychologists offer cognitive coaching support to provide you with practical tools and strategies to assist your recovery and to explore your vocational goals. Sessions are via video call or telephone.

Educational Modules and Participant App

Our participant app is a place to upload your health data, contact your health team and track your progress. We regularly send you a range of tailored educational resources focused on cancer, work, and many other topics.

Care Navigation Assistance

Cancer care can be tricky to navigate. Through the program our entire team will work with you, your carers, medical team and insurer to ‘connect the dots’, and navigate you to the right services at the right time, allowing you to focus more on your recovery.

An Expert Cancer Support Team

Meet some of our oncology rehab health professionals who provide support as part of an individualised multidisciplinary care plan.

"I provide education and support to participants and their families throughout and following cancer treatment"
Karen, Care Coordinator A caring professional CKaren has over 30 years experience in cancer nursing, a true leader in her field
"I help people to improve their confidence to exercise, move well and make everyday things easier"
Jeannette, Accredited Exercise Physiologist An expert in exercise oncology Jeannette has been helping people with a cancer diagnosis for over 10 years
"I help people and their families in their time of need"
Rebecca, Clinical Psychologist The right support at the right time Remote psychological support removes barriers of travel and sitting in waiting rooms

Am I eligible for this program?

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Am I Eligible?

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