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Tailored support made easy through virtual care

Keeping your health on track.

Ask yourself:

  • What really matters to you in relation to your health?
  • If you could take more control of your own health what would change?
  • If you had support and positive feedback how would that help your motivation and improve your wellness?

We make access to support services easy

Valion Health’s Approach

Through an individualised care plan we match you to the team that most suits your needs, goals and circumstances

Chronic Care Coaching Program

  • 16 week program

  • For participants looking to optimise their health

  • For people with a chronic health condition, or at risk

  • Includes support for diabetes, arthritis, COPD, osteoporosis, heart conditions and more

  • Nurse education

  • Opportunity to include expert support on exercise and nutrition

Is the Chronic Care Coaching Program right for me?

Our coaching programs are for people who:
  • require additional support for managing a chronic health condition such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, COPD and others
  • health Coaching improves health outcomes by empowering you to ‘activate’ strategies that: increase confidence and motivation to change unhealthy behaviours
  • identify and build on supportive behaviours that benefit health
  • increase knowledge and understanding of health conditions, proactive strategies and importantly how to implement these day to day.
  • Have hospital cover through their private health insurer

Our Chronic Care Coaching Programs – Explained

Health Coaching is practical and inspiring way to improving your health. It is a collaborative partnership between you and a trained health care professional that aims to help you to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to be proactive in the care of your health.

We appreciate that different approaches suit different people, everyone’s unique needs require consideration.

Your Valion Health Coach will take the time to understand you, your situation and experience to ensure the coaching approach is based on your individual needs. We believe our participants are experts in their own life situations, we help provide direction for learning and implementation of realistic and practical change.

Our Chronic Care Coaching Program usually runs for between 16-20 weeks. Coaching sessions usually go for 30-45 minutes.

When you join the program your own care team will come together and work with you on a personalised plan that suits your needs, based on your background, circumstances and goals.

No, Valion Health make it easy for everyone. As part of your introduction to the program we discuss how you would like to access the program, and how confident you are using technology.

One click from your booking link and you’re in our video room! If you prefer a phone call, we are at your fingertips. We are there with you every step of the way to set you up for success.

The Chronic Health Coaching Program will help you to:

  • increase your confidence and motivation
  • identify and build on supportive behaviours that benefit your health
  • increase your knowledge and understanding ,
  • how to develop proactive strategies and importantly how to implement these day to day

What’s Included?

A Valion Health care plan may include

Nursing Care Coordination

A qualified registered nurse is on hand for your initial assessment, to set you up with everything to get started and connect you with your health coach. Your nurse will continue to support you throughout the program.

Health Coaching Consultations

We coordinate regular video calls or telephone coaching sessions between you and your coach throughout your program. Our mental health coaches are all qualified Australian health professionals.

Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Support

If a part of your plan of care, our exercise physiologists, physiotherapists or dietitian will work with you on personalised plans.

Educational Modules and Participant App

A place to upload your health data, contact your health team, and track your progress. We regularly send you a range of tailored educational resources.

Care Navigation

We connect you with appropriate local services, provide support to your carers, and assist in coordinating your care.

Where to now?

We arrange a post program follow-up ‘where to now?’ session to celebrate how far you’ve come and to map out the coming months ahead.

Am I eligible for this service?

Contact us or speak with your insurer