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You are not alone.

Cancer is the most common disease facing Australians today.
Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can take a toll on your day-to-day life, even after finishing treatment.

That’s why Valion Health developed the Cancer Support Complete Program – to help you maintain your physical and mental wellness and manage side effects such as fatigue. By joining the program you’ll have the support you need to get back to the activities you enjoy. We offer this program to people with any cancer type at any stage during and after treatment, and work in partnership with your medical team. Funding for this program is offered through Valion Health partnerships with Australian Private Health Insurers.

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Introducing our Cancer Support Programs

Learn more about this service and how it works by watching our introduction video.

Valion Health’s Cancer Programs support people to live well with cancer

The Cancer Support Complete Participant Experience

How have others found virtual care?

Jill, 62


“We don’t have local access to health professionals who really understand cancer. This service provides that.”

Marie, 50


“I appreciated the timely response from when I was first referred, the friendliness of my Care Coordinator and how she checked in on me and the ease of booking appointments with my team.”

Sarah, 39


“I knew what I needed to do but not how to do it… having access to virtual care really helped my recovery.”

John, 55


“Using video consulting was excellent as there was no travelling involved.”

Is the Cancer Support Complete program right for me?

Cancer Support Complete is a 12-16 week program for people who have had a cancer diagnosis and who require:
  • expert support in recovery areas such as exercise, nutrition & mental health
  • a better understanding of their cancer their treatment and how best to manage symptoms and side effects, and
  • help navigating their care

Cancer Support Complete – Explained

Every program is individualised to your needs and circumstances.

Valion Health’s Cancer Support Complete is a virtual care program, provided across Australia by a team of experts in supportive cancer care. Your team connects with you using video call, phone and other tools to provide you with high quality, personalised cancer care and support from the convenience of your own home. When you join the program your own care team will come together and work with you on a plan that suits your needs.

This program runs for 12-16 weeks. We work with you to schedule appointments in a way that best supports you.

When you join the program your own care team will come together and work with you on a plan that suits your needs. Our team connects with you using video call, phone and other tools to provide you with high quality, personalised cancer care and support from the convenience of your own home.

The focus of our Cancer Support Complete program is to support people to live well with cancer through an individual rehabilitation program. Evidence shows that such programs can improve your quality of life. What does this mean? It can vary, but generally can lead to improved energy levels, increased strength and endurance, improved sleep, improved mood and reduced cognitive fatigue. You’ll learn about the importance of good nutrition, how to design an individualised exercise program that takes into account your treatment, and improve your understanding of cancer, its treatment and managing side effects.

What’s Included?

A Cancer Support Complete care plan may include all or some of the following elements

Nursing Care Coordination

One of our expert oncology Nursing Care Coordinators will work with you on developing a personalised care plan, help monitor your side effects, navigate and link you in with local and national services, connect with your medical team while providing education that is individualised to your needs, goals and circumstances.

Exercise Physiology video-call sessions

As recommended by the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, our exercise professionals work with your to develop an individualised exercise programs. Exercise during and after treatment is safe, and proven to increase your strength and endurance, while improving energy levels.

Dietitian video-call sessions

An optimal diet is crucial for supporting your immune system and boosting energy through and after treatment. Our experienced, oncology focused dietitians work with you to overcome common nutritional problems such as decreased appetite, nausea and changes in taste.

Psychology video-call sessions

A cancer diagnosis takes its toll on all aspects of life, from relationships to finances, sleep and mood. Our expert oncology psychologists offer support to provide you with practical tools and strategies to assist your recovery. This service draws on current best practice guidelines.

Educational Modules and Participant App

Our participant app is place to track your progress, connect to appointments and contact your Valion Health team. We regularly send you a range of tailored educational resources focused on cancer supportive care.

Care Box Delivered To You

As a welcome to the program we send you a personalised care pack which may include an activity and sleep tracker, basic exercise equipment and some other welcome goodies! (please note this is dependent on referrer).

An Expert Cancer Support Team

Meet some of our oncology health professionals who provide support as part of an individualised multidisciplinary care plan.

"I provide education and support to participants and their families throughout and following cancer treatment"
Karen, Care Coordinator A caring professional Karen has over 30 years experience in cancer nursing, a true leader in her field
"I help people to improve their confidence to exercise, move well and make everyday things easier"
Jeannette, Accredited Exercise Physiologist An expert in exercise oncology Jeannette has been helping people with a cancer diagnosis for over 10 years
"I help people and their families in their time of need"
Rebecca, Clinical Psychologist The right support at the right time Remote psychological support removes barriers of travel and sitting in waiting rooms

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