Valion Health commissioned Navigate Consulting to undertake a cost-effectiveness analysis of their flagship Cancer Support Complete Program among cancer survivors from a health insurer’s perspective .

The study objectives were to firstly report the costs and outcomes experienced by participants in the CSP program in the first twelve months after program completion. Secondly, to perform a prospective economic evaluation of the CSP program relative to a no intervention/no therapy alternative, from the perspective of the funder, an Australian Private Health Insurer.

This evaluation set out to determine if cancer survivors who completed the Valion Health Cancer Support Complete Program (CSP) reported improved health outcomes, lower rates of health service utilisation and subsequently reduced health insurance claims, twelve months after completing the program, relative to Australian cancer survivors who did not receive post cancer rehabilitation, following the completion of their cancer treatment as usual (e .g . surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy).

Access a PDF of the CEA below:

Valion Health Cancer Support Complete – CEA 2020



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