Think how much time your doctor was able to spend with you during your last visit? Ten minutes? Maybe fifteen, right? Many general practitioners customarily book patients in ten-minute sessions.

In that short time, your GP needs to assess your symptoms while considering remedies to alleviate those symptoms and treat the root cause of your medical problem. 

Time Poor Medicine

Does your doctor have time to chat with you about your health habits or nutrition? Occasionally. Time to discuss your lifestyle and activity levels? Rarely. No time to discuss that added stress in your life due to a bad relationship or a difficult boss.

Unsurprisingly, these are the useful discussions with a Health Coach can prevent you from turning at your GP’s office, to begin with.

While your doctor can discuss Chronic Health Management Plans with you, the truth is they’re not trained in-depth many of the areas that come together in Health Management Plans, Chronic or otherwise.

Medical science has become so complex with advanced diagnostic tools, medical devices, the microbiome, genomics and personalized pharmaceuticals that doctors are becoming more and more focused on a niche. Hence, the usual raft of referrals from your GP to a bevvy of specialists.

Trained health coaches start with their passion for health and wellness and apply their professional expertise to help their clients make lasting changes in their lifestyles.

So What Exactly Do Health Coaches Do?


Health coaches support their clients in achieving their health goals through changes in their lifestyle and behaviours. These can be everything from improving nutrition to losing weight through to de-stressing overcoming anxiety. 

Your health coach has the time for in-depth personal interaction and the “tell me about your self-care routine” conversation that is often missing from modern medicine.

Not only is your health coach trained in a broad range of wellness treatments but they guide, motivate, mentor and inspire their clients to adopt positive health choices.


Why You Should See A Health Coach

Certified health coaches are trained in specific techniques, strategies, tools and diagnostic methodologies to assist clients to navigate the process of lifestyle transformation.

Certified health and wellness coaches are taught to:

  1. Apply coaching psychology’s core competencies
  2. Adopt evidence-based behavioural psychology 
  3. Employ adult learning theory, motivational interviewing, counselling, solution-oriented therapy and positive psychology
  4. Assist clients to identify those areas in their lives that they want to change or improve 
  5. Help clients develop a plan to achieve those lifestyle change goals.

They then provide inspiration, accountability, expertise and structure to enable clients to increase their self-awareness of their health issues and needs, as well as positively supporting their confidence in and commitment to adopting beneficial lifestyle changes beyond what they can achieve on their own.

Final Observation

The emergence of health coaches is a response to the growing recognition of the value of preventative care and proactive wellness. It’s a step towards reversing the statistics on preventable, lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease and even some cancers. Now that promises to be a healthcare system to get excited about!

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