Sure it’s technology, but it’s nothing without the people

Digital health platforms have only started to deliver on their promise in the last few years — we’re glad to be helping lead Australia into the age of flexible healthcare.

CBHS Health Fund
BT Corp
ICON Cancer Centres
CBHS Corporate Health
Arthritis ACT

We focus on coordinated, multidisciplinary support and recovery programs

Valion Health brings together an expert nursing and allied health team to work with participants on individualised, person centred care pathways.

Coordinated programs from referral to recovery

Unlike most digital health providers, Valion Health partners with you through coordinated programs from referral to discharge to fast track participant recovery with flexible online health care.

Clients and partners are getting great results

We work with private health insurers, life insurers, hospitals, NGOs and community care givers to optimise health support service delivery. And we’re ACHS EQuIP6 accredited.

Valion Health brings highly skilled staff with a genuine passion
for caring for those struggling with cancer.
Ben Crawley, Health Support Consultant
There’s been a marked and measurable reduction in claim costs
after adopting Valion Health’s Hospital Substitute and Avoidance programs.
Craig Jones, Head of Provider Relations